DAEKYUNG ESCO Co., Ltd. was established on March 3, 2003 as an environmental company specializing in incinerators and has steadily pioneered incinerator technology and markets, installing more than 1,600 incinerators nationwide, ncluding more than 600 medium-sized incinerators, contributing to the spread of incinerators and stable waste treatment.

We have developed 25 types of incinerators through joint research and obtained environmental new technology (No. 2) from the Ministry of Environment for the first time in the field of incineration, contributing to import substitution by leading medium-sized incineration technology to the level of advanced countries, and participated in the development of pyrolysis melting furnaces , the next generation of incineration technology worldwide, contributing to the improvement of domestic incineration melting technology. By successfully applying a semi-dry cleaning device, which is the most advanced prevention technology even in developed countries, to a medium-sized incinerator for the first time in Korea, it was possible to remove pollutants with high efficiency and incinerate without generating wastewater, making it possible to install it in urban areas, thus contributing significantly to the expansion of incineration installation areas such as hospitals in large cities and the preservation of the air environment.

We will persist in our efforts towards ongoing research and development, recognizing that our mission is to create a cleaner environment and conserve energy.

In conclusion, we extend our best wishes to you as you continue your efforts towards a cleaner environment.

CEO YOON Hag-sang

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